Instead of a free map, how about a free font?

Instead of a free map, how about a free font?
I have a couple of map ideas I'm taking far too long working on, including a few ideas for a vertical dungeon tile set to share on Dave's Mapper.

One map I wanted to do with Dundjinni, but for some reason my program would not run properly. I decided to update my 1.04 version to 1.07 and.....well it didn't go well. A fresh install was in order and that created even more problems.

In the end there was far too much wasted time and while I do have Dundjinni 1.07 on my computer, the initial problems that necessitated the jump-through-hoops effort still remained.

Example of font in useSo....instead of a map today you get a different file. This last week I've been messing with font creation and on a whim I made a simple RPG cuniform font. The whole idea was to make a font using a small set of shapes. The font is the same for capital and lower-case letters and this set has numbers, but no punctuation.

Here is an example of the font used to mark off a section of an older map.

Here is the shortcut for the font.


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