Free GM Resource: Inkarnate

Free GM Resource: Inkarnate
I've been on an odd map-making kick lately....the odd part is that I don't really have anything to show for it, but that's a problem on my end, not too unlike the plethora of minis I have purchased recently but have yet to paint, much less base.

Inkarnate is an online map-making resource that is normally a subscription service, but you can sign up and get access to a freebie version. You don't get to create an HD map, but you can get close at 1024 x 728 px. You also get access to more than 100 assets on/for you map. This is your basic level of access. Moving up to Pro for $5/month or $25/year doubles your resolution, ups the # of assets by x5 AND you can use Inkarnate for commercial purposes.

I haven't used Inkarnate much mostly because I discovered another program/service at the same time and there were a couple of cool things about that one that put me over the top. Of course that is just my initial infatuation and I know that can change after a bit of use.....and that what I like about something doesn't always translate to other people....

....still I can recommend Inkarnate and think you should take it for a spin because it might be EXACTLY what you're looking for.


  1. What is the other program?

    1. I was planning on sharing it next week......

  2. Really cool! Thanks again for all you do. I linked folks over here again this week on my blog.