Free GM Resource: Two-Minute Tabletop's Token Editor

Free GM Resource: Two-Minute Tabletop's Token Editor
This week's Free GM Resource is one of those things I could've sworn I had already shared, but a quick search yielded nothing for me.

Two-Minute Tabletop's Token Editor is a cool little tool that will undoubtedly be expounded upon, but as-is works for making/marking up fourty different digital character or NPC Tokens. Currently there are also twenty seamonsters and fifty-two "Greenskins". They're good as paper minis and would work great as Virtual Table-Top (VTT) Tokens.

The creator has promised some future updates and since there were originally just a subset of original tokens available, I'd say that he's been keeping up on that promise.

Anyway, check out Two-Minute Tabletop's Token Editor and take it for a spin.


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