Free GM Resource: Guild of Ambience

Free GM Resource: Guild of Ambience
This week's Free GM Resource is a YouTube channel that I was definitely NOT looking for and almost completely missed.

I sometimes travel for work and a couple weeks ago I was on a trip. My employer's employer decided that I have to undergo a two-week quarantine upon my return, so for the last two weeks I've been pretty much sitting in front of my TV all day sitting at a small folding table banging away on my laptop instead of going in to work and banging away at a laptop there. I do more than that, but indulge me in a little hand-waving.

During said "work" I usually have the TV going, playing something interesting, but not too interesting. Something that doesn't matter too much to me 'cause I cannot give it my my real attention. So movies are generally right out, but YouTube videos usually do just fine. I've really liked Adam Savage's Tested Channel, but that's not my focus here...not really a Twofer.

Anyway I'm plugging along, not really watching TV, lost in what I was working on and next thing I know I'm no longer hearing people talking, which is pretty much my background "music". I look up and it doesn't seem like a video is playing, but technically it is. What had happened is that I had stumbled upon a background music/sound channel called The Guild of Ambience.

So The Guild of Ambience isn't a large channel, but the videos they have....are rather long, HUGE even. As of the time of writing this post there are 21 videos that total a little over 46 hours! Wow...that's a lot of background sounds.

For example...here's a 9 Hour The Guild of Ambience video of Rain on Roof Sound....9 Hours!


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