Frugal GM Review: Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid

Frugal GM Review: Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid
I went to DTRPG to download something specific for review this week and I happened to stumble across this little gem called Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid. The cover art is what suckered me in and I'm glad it did.

This 9 page, 1.56 MB PDF doesn't come with much of a description, but the product page states that it was made in 1981 and found in the author's mom's garage. After reading this I believe it.

Personally I don't think this adventure is playable, but it was definitely an enjoyable read....especially for the price of free. It took me back to my early days with AD&D and the sheer stupidity of my pre-teen GM self. I don't want to spoil the adventure for your reading, but this is the opening statement in the adventure's introduction:
"The Twisted Druid needs a punch in the nuts."

Frugal GM 5 Star Review: Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid
The writing is complete with spelling errors, some rail-roading, small aside comments for the GM, and ridiculous monsters and treasure. Everything a young budding GM back in the day would force upon the players.

The artwork is crude, the text hard to read......in many ways this adventure sucks so badly that it comes around full circle to being good. I highly recommend picking this up just for the reading like I did.

Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid totally made my day.


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