Free GM Resource: Theorems & Thaumaturgy

Free GM Resource: Theorems & Thaumaturgy
I was looking into another table generator that seemed to be pretty cool, but it was so not user friendly. If I can't get a table to load in 15'....well, screw that noise, I'll have to go to plan B.

This week's Free GM Resource is a cool collection of magic (spells, classes, items, etc.) released for Labyrinth Lord/OSR called Theorems & Thaumaturgy. I found this originally on Lulu, but the listing there shows it is also on DTRPG, which is probably a better place to download it because of the way OBS keeps track of your "library" of downloads....

The title there is PWYW, but the original listing on Lulu has it as "free" so that is what I'm going with. I suggest you download it for free and if you like it, repurchase it for a couple bucks.....


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