Fallout 4 Interactive Map For Those Interested

Fallout 4 Interactive Map For Those Interested
This is most definitely NOT this week's Free GM Resource, but in some ways I wish it could be.

I'm making what I have to consider a pretty safe assumption that those of us who love RPGs tend to love other games as well. I know a lot of my friends have been having fun with Fallout 4, especially since we're getting to the 2nd DLC and the new Survival Mode.

In the stretch between finishing my 1st play-through and the introduction of the new content I've spent a little bit of time trying to collect all the bobble-heads, magazines, and I think I'm up to about 45 suits of power armor (amazing how profitable it can be to make and sell Jet). This interactive map has been quite the boon.

Lots of Pins to Remove
I'd love to be able to have a map like this setup for my RPG campaigns. Lay out the map, and then populate it with markers for towns, tombs, caves, etc. Of course I'd want to be able to share it with the players, so it'd have to kind of work in reverse. While I'd put the markers in, the players would start with a blank map and then uncover the markers, as opposed to having the big populated map where you get to mark off these special spots.


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