Summary Post for the d30 Challenge Which Ended Yesterday

Summary Post for the d30 Challenge Which Ended Yesterday
OK folks...this is it...

My only "real" promoted post on this subject since I announced I'd be taking part in the d30 Challenge as proposed by Mark over at Creative Mountain Games....and subsequently tweaked by me,

As far as I know only three people took up the gauntlet....I could be wrong:
           +Mark CMG Clover
           +Matthew Schmeer
           +Me (duh)

The esteemed +Dyson Logos lightly complained that he didn't care for this themed post a day bit, and while he seems to be a pretty stand-up guy, his opinion probably means jack squat. I thought he did have a good point though, so while I participated in this d30 challenge I did not actively promote it. For me this was an exercise in making more frequent and smaller posts while not necessarily getting to choose the content.

I took this as an opportunity to stretch a small bit and get out of my comfort zone, something I think we all need to do more often I might add. Good content, bad content....doesn't matter as much as the effort.

Below is the question that was asked each day, a TL;DR summation of my answer, and a link to the post if you want to read it for yourself:

June 1st, "How you got started": Cool Uncle Set Example
June 2nd, "Favorite PC Race": Elves?
June 3rd, "Favorite PC Class": Mages, no Fighters
June 4th, "Favorite Game World": Aldrazar
June 5th, "Favorite Die or Dice": d30
June 6th, "Favorite Deity": None, but not apatheistic or anything
June 7th, "Favorite Edition": HackMaster 5th/Current Edition
June 8th, "Favorite PC of Your Own": Yathen Brightblade
June 9th, "Favorite PC You'd Like to Play": Waydol Glendarn
June 10th, "Craziest In-Game Experience": My PC bought the farm
June 11th, "Favorite Adventure You Ran": Little Outhouse on the Prairie
June 12th, "Favorite Dungeon Type/Location": Underground Cavern Crawls
June 13th, "Favorite Trap/Puzzle": Multi-use debilitating trap with well-defined triggers
June 14th, "Favorite NPC": Couldn't narrow this one down
June 15th, "Favorite Undead": Zombie
June 16th, "Favorite Ooze/Aberrant Creature": Customized one-off aberrant variants
June 17th, "Favorite Animal/Insect/Arachnid": Dogs
June 18th, "Favorite Planar Being/Creature": Nefarians
June 19th, "Favorite Elemental/Plant/Construct": Shrieker
June 20th, "Favorite Humanoid/Giant/Fey": Orc
June 21st, "Favorite Dragon (Color/Type/etc.)": Young Dragons
June 22nd, "Favorite Monster Overall": Man
June 23rd, "Least Favorite Monster Overall": Joke Monsters
June 24th, "Favorite Spell": Preemptive Strike
June 25th, "Favorite Magic Item": Libram of Storage
June 26th, "Favorite Mundane Item": Toggle Rope
June 27th, "Favorite Curse of Cursed Item": Random Cursed Sword
June 28th, "PCs you have sworn off playing": Any D&D 3.5
June 29th, "Most frequently rolled # on a d20": All of them
June 30th, "Best Playing/DMing experience": My next one

As part of my tweak to the challenge I put together a d30 NPC generator, which is a free download over at DriveThruRPG.


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