Free GM Resource: DIY Projects Crafts


Free GM Resource: DIY Projects Crafts
It's finally warmed up here in my neck of the woods and I don't have to worry about such things as rolling blackouts or having to insulate my living room windows with &#%@$ blankets.


So basically I had a week where I was stuck inside and not because of quarantine. I did manage to start some terrain building projects and watch more YouTube than was probably healthy.....

I've recommended a bunch of YouTube channels over the last couple of years and you'd think I've seen it all.....but evidently I have not. I like seeing different creator's take on creating the same things.

DIY Project Crafts isn't a huge channel, but there are some great videos of crafting that just seem to hit projects I've seen a couple times now in a different direction than I've seen accomplished before. Having just finished Version 1 of some buildings that I know I have to redo to up my game (as it were)...well, to also fix some things I didn't like......I know that just figuring out how to do stuff in the first place is a long, drawn-out process. I cannot image in the amount of work it takes to get it on film!

There are a few good videos for you to enjoy, but this is the one that initially caught my eye......


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