Free GM Resource: Free STL File from Asguard Rising Kickstarter

Free GM Resource: Free STL File from Asguard Rising Kickstarter
This week's Free GM Resource is a bit of an odd one because it is Kickstarter.....adjacent.

One of the Patreon campaigns I support (I do really need to update my links) is from Asguard Rising and they currently have a Kickstarter that is worth checking out (IMNSHO).

Kickstarter aside.....'cause that's obviously not a free resource, if you browse the offerings you'll see this particular graphic, which...when clicked, will take you to MyMiniFactory where you can download a sample:

Free Sample

Of course this is just a sample, but if you look at the other mini figs in the campaign you'll notice that they are missing the arms, which is a feature, not a bug.

The way Asguard Rising works the models is that you can mix and match the (usually) arms so you can use the same base model in different ways. I have some of their models of horsemen that let you change up the riders and horse, and arms so a small number of base files can create a larger number of finished models.

Definitely worth checking out.....even if all you do is nab the freebie 


Free GM Resource: Syrinscape 2nd Look

Free GM Resource: Syrinscape 2nd Look
I covered Syrinscape back in .....2013(?!). It's been just shy of a decade and when I got an email from the creator, I went back to see how the last 10 years has fared and there's been a lot of progress. This isn't so much a recycled Free GM Resource, but a much-needed update.

Syrinscape can be utilized in two ways: online, or through a free app. Functionality is a bit different between the two but you can get two flavors of the app for free (Fantasy of SciFi) and each freebie version comes with 10 SoundSets (collection) each.

If you want more, or to add you own sounds, you'll need to pay for the privilege.

The thing is, you can play with both the app and the online player for free and they even offer a free month of their subscription service. The service is either $7.15 or $10.99 a month, which seems too rich for my blood, BUT if I was GMing online with a VTT I could totally see how I'd like to use Syrinscape Online. There's some extra cool bells and whistles that I think would get me a lot of mileage for immersion with players geographically separated.

I suspect, with my own style of GMing, I wouldn't get enough mileage out of this, but that's also more on my then on them. 

Thing is, I'm not really even scratching the surface of what Syrinscape can do....and I think that some of the features are a bit buried. For example, there is a way for you to use the Syrinescape Online to have player toggle certain sounds on their end, which I only saw when watching one of the videos on the Syrinscape website.

You're probably best checking out Syrinscape yourself. Poke around the web-based player and please, check out the videos. 


Free (Technically PWYW) GM Resource: Editing for TTRPGs

Free (Technically PWYW) GM Resource: Editing for TTRPGs
I do not consider myself an editor, even though I have some editing credits for RPG stuff and I've been our in-house editor at work on our student workbooks, which we update every year or so. Because I have some experience editing I have enough experience to step-up in a group of folks with absolutely no experience, but not enough to give any original advice.

So this week's free (or PWYW) GM Resource is some editing advice from someone with "close to twenty years I have freelanced as an editor for both speculative fiction and tabletop role-playing games."

If this advice helps even a little bit.......


Final Few Hours in FDG's Kickstarter- With BONUS STUFF!

Final Few Hours in FDG's Kickstarter- With BONUS STUFF!
If you were thinking of joining the 3D printing world I personally recommend stuff (ok, .STL files) from Fat Dragon Games. They're in the final few hours of their latest Kickstarter and today Tom Tullis (FDG's Main Man) sent out this newsletter...

.....oh, BTW you want some freebies, make sure you head over to the FDG website and sign up for the newsletter and you'll get some freebies every month or so (I say "so" 'cause I haven't bothered to track if he's been on or off schedule on those freebies....)

Don’t miss out on the free stretch and bonus rewards, FINAL CHANCE!


As a thank you for supporting us, core pledges will also receive a special coupon from us in March to purchase our upcoming FDG 18th Anniversary terrain set with over 200 models (retail price $50.00) for only $0.99! We appreciate you backing us and helping us support our families, so it’s only fair we support you in return with several special backer-only specials and gifts this year.

So I'm thinking that while not free......$0.99 for an actual terrain set is as close to a best next thing as you can get. Yes, you have to spend some dough to get that $0.99 special, BUT you get a lot there and if you averaged it all out....still a great price....and you can do the add-ons or wait for a FDG sale on DTRPG.

Still you should check this out if you haven't already!


Free GM Resource: Pathfinder Nexus

Free GM Resource: Pathfinder Nexus
Now this isn't for me, but if you wanted to take a quick look under the hood of Pathfinder 2e, and specifically the upcoming digital toolset, head on over to Pathfinder Nexus, make an account, and start tooling around.

There's a closed Alpha you can sign up for, which I don't get....if you can sign up for it, would it really be "closed". I suspect that they just mean it's not publicly available.

I did some looking myself and what I see feels a little D&D 3.5ish, but didn't look it.  While on some levels I'm not interested in playing, I'm going to pick up Pathfinder 2e if I get a decent chance.

Edit: Just found out about a current Humble Bundle containing a metric butt-load of Pathfinder 2E material.....and I went ahead and bought in.


Free GM Resource: d12 Monthly


Free GM Resource: d12 Monthly
I'm a big fan of zines and when I was informed of this freebie my 1st thought was to share d12 Monthly with everyone here, but my 1st action was to get my copy of issues 0 to 19.

Click here to get yours....


Free GM Resource: The Crypt of Praetor Isebella Cena from Zack Edwardson

Free GM Resource: The Crypt of Praetor Isebella Cena from Zack Edwardson
A short and sweet freebie OSR (Swords & Wizardry specifically) adventure from Zack Edwardson, that he's shared with the Swords & Wizardry Official Facebook group. The name of the adventure is "The Crypt of Praetor Isebella Cena" and it's a rather short tomb location.

I know a lot of GMs might turn up their nose at such a small offering, but really I suggest any GM keep a small supply of these things off to the side for use when you need to add a little something-something to pad out a day of playing, or when you don't have a lot of time (but need to have a game), or even just as a piece of breathing room for when the players go "left" when you were only prepared for them going "right".


Free Stuff from Throneofsalt!

Free Stuff from Throneofsalt!
This week's Free Gm Resource is a bit of a small freebie depository, but I'm really focusing on one particular resource 'cause I think it's awesome, but I'll stick in a pin in this and go over the lot from Throneofsalt's itch page:

Break Their Pride By A Woman's Hand -OSR small adventure in phamplet form.

Lighthouse on the Spur - A creepy location for your campaign...surprise! It's a lighthouse.

Dungeon Hobos: Some cool "flavor text" you can add to your dungeons, complete with vectorized graphics for you to steal lovingly borrow.

Dog God Deluxe - a zine

I love, love, LOVE the ides of the murder dungeon hobos marking things up in the dungeon. I am so going to be using this as a GM and maybe even as a player! The idea is rooted in American history and one of those common-sense yet brilliant things.