Free GM Resource: Duncan "Shadow" Louca (Artist Website)

I tend to drift towards small arcs or themes when it comes down to finding/selecting Free GM Resources. Lately it has been 3d printing because there are so many cool models out there and so little time....

...speaking of time, there wasn't a Free GM Resource last week so I'm tossing out two this week...

Giants, as in plural!
Duncan "Shadow" Louca is a 3d sculptor who has some amazing sculpts....I highly suggest checking out his Instagram and maybe even tossing a few bucks his way on Patreon. While the actual freebie is right off of his website, you do have to do a little work for it.....by giving up your email address to sign up for a newsletter. A small price to pay to be able to get a free model of a couple of giants (the current freebie for the newsletter). I have a feeling there might be some differences depending on your web browser, but when I went to the site I immediately got a pop-up offering the email/file exchange. If that doesn't happen for you there should be a little side-notice that reads "Free Offer!"

Seriously though...check out his Instagram because a lot of the pictures there are of actual prints. The prints I was looking at were made on a DLP printer, so don't expect that level of quality on a FDM printer, but the better the sculpt, obviously the better the print.


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